Online Gesture Database (1 year Subscription)

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In order to purchase the Gesture Database, you must own at least one AIM Kit.

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In order to purchase a Gesture Database you must own at least one AIM Kit.

*You must minimally have a Teacher's Guide/Whole-Class Activities book and Partner/Group Activities book for these kits. 

Contact if you have any questions. 

The Gesture Database is a product that supports the implementation of an AIM Kit and will not provide what is needed to implement the methodology.

Have you ever wanted to find a gesture from the PDL (Pared Down Language) but can't remember in which play it appears?  With AIM's New Online Gesture Database, you can look up any gesture by keying in the word or phrase, and Wendy will appear on your computer screen to show you the gesture.

With the New Online Gesture Database, you can locate gestures quickly and easily, searching by word, kit, unit, or activity number. The Database also includes on-screen user manual.  Subscriptions to the Online Gesture Database are for 1 year upon activation.

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We solve many of the challenges language teachers face.

Learn about some of the challenges Primary School Teachers face when teaching languages.

The Gesture Approach

The AIM is a methodology that supports students by providing strategies and techniques that ensure student language acquisition and a high level of engagement. The Gesture Approach allows students to visualize, hear, say and 'feel' the language simultaneously, and this results in rapid proficiency development.

A Literacy- and Arts-Based Approach

Through the use of story and drama, songs, raps, and dances, students are moving to the language as they create meaning. Scaffolding and cooperative learning strategies help all students - the shy, weak, and strong - to find great support and success.

High-Frequency Vocabulary

One of the most essential aspects of AIM that ensures student success is the high-frequency vocabulary (Pared-Down Language) that threads throughout every aspect of this methodology. AIM is designed such that each word is repeated extensively, allowing students to develop a strong foundation for language proficiency.

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