Welcome to our Blog!

Thank you for visiting! I hope that this space will be a forum to share best practises in the Accelerative Integrated Methodology! AIM has grown from one small classroom in Toronto to thousands of classrooms around the world and a community of wonderful, supportive and passionate educators who want to give their students an engaging classroom experience and help their students love and become proficient in their new language!

Through this blog, I hope to provide you with important teaching tips and new ideas to enhance your implementation of AIM. I am dedicated to helping teachers reach their maximum potential so that their students benefit for the best implementation possible of the methodology.

I do hope that you will find this an informative resource and opportunity for discussion among colleagues! From the very beginning, AIM has attracted wonderful, passionate teachers who are open to learning and who want to connect and share with others.

One important time for AIM teachers to connect with each other is at our annual Summer Institute in Barrie. I hope to see many of you there!



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