Our new e-readers: Tips and tricks for using them with your students!

Our new e-readers: Tips and tricks for using them with your students!

We are so excited to be able to offer our readers in digital format!


The following are some tips as to how to use them:


In Class:


1.     Dedicate 10 minutes for a shared reading activity. Pick a theme that relates to your current play or cultural component – or any theme that might inspire your students!


2.     Project the selected reader onto your whiteboard. Read it with the students. Pause to ask simple total and partial questions with your beginner students. Bring in high-frequency vocabulary as you gesture!


3.     Experienced students: Gesture questions that are more challenging! Stop at an appropriate point in the story and have students predict what they think will happen next!

4.   Ask students to do an oral story retelling of the reader with a partner once you have completed your whole-class reading.


5.     Before reading the story, project the title page or one page inside the story and have them describe what is happening – not only the actions, but also the setting and what the characters look like!


6.     Look at page in the story and have students create questions, based on what they see in the image. You may respond to these questions if you know the story!



At home:


1.     Give students their logins and have them read one book from time to time. Before students view the e-reader Portal at home, be sure to show them how to activate the read-aloud feature. At home they may ‘read’ the story, even with minimal language skills as they are supported.


2.     Flipped classroom! Ask students to read a specific story in preparation for an activity the next day in class! You could play Questions et Réponses, based on the story read the night before. The better prepared each member of the group is, the more points they may win!


3.     Parents can be involved! Parents often want to be involved in the learning of their children and ask how they can help when they do not have language skills. Now, they may learn alongside their children when having the stories read aloud at home.

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Jan 02, 2024
Kathy Poitras

I love the e-readers. Parents love reading the beautifully fully illustrated stories with their children, and they love the highlighted audio. After the students learn the words to the story they can turn the audio off. I gave the e readers to my grandkids and they just loved them!

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