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  • "What was my teaching life like pre-AIM? I cringe when I now look back and realise how little productive language my students had. Now my students love French and the parents too. I could never return to the old method of teaching!..." - Debbie Summers   Read more
  • "I am a TPS user in my classroom and have been for several years. … when I first looked into AIM I realized there were some similarities between TPRS and the AIM. There’s the comprehensible input component and scaffolding involved, but one of the things I most liked about the AIM..." - Kristopher Moorehead   Read more
  • "My Core French classroom is now a unilingual (French only) environment. Pas d'anglais is a rule that is never broken by my students or me. Their enjoyment of French has skyrocketed and after 20 years of teaching, I feel rejuvenated! Teachers, consultants and administrators from across..." - Sylvia Duckworth   Read more
  • "Words simply cannot describe just how much I adore teaching French this year...I have so much fun with my students...more and more every day! Today was especially fun & funny and it's all happening almost entirely en français, thanks to AIM Language Learning ! Singing, dancing, jokin..." - Audrey Misiano   Read more
  • "I LOVE TEACHING WITH AIM! Although I started teaching with AIM five years ago, I still find it amazing to see how much student can grow in their language capabilities even after period of only one school year!..." - Jennifer Bates   Read more
  • "Thanks for your support in getting AIM introduced at Montessori Hamstead in Montgomery, Alabama. Though it was a little daunting given the limited gestures I have learned so far, I jumped in "a pieds joints" and could tell that students were more engaged and conversed far more than an..." - Michael Etienne   Read more
  • "My students are walking around speaking French in their other classes - I’ve had about 5 teachers tell me this. The history teacher came into my class and said I can’t understand what the students are saying in History class because they keep speaking in French! This is after one ..." - Kristi Griffith   Read more
  • "I started using the AIM program with my elementary students last year and LOVE IT!!! At the time, I did not use it with my grade 8s and 9s because I thought they were "too old" for Trois petits cochons. Now those students are in grade 9 and 10 and I just started the program with them ..." - Erin Hessler   Read more
  • "My students are so impressed by themselves, they are very proud of how well they can speak in such a short time. My students in my upper level classes are saying "why didn't you do this with us and I say because I just found it. I wish I had found it years ago." I appreciate what you ..." - Dr. Robert Engle   Read more
  • "It's this program that has given me the tools to be the teacher I want to be...." - Mary Kay Beck   Read more
  • "You must hear this all the time, but I can't believe how much French the kids learn since I started teaching with AIM. It is just phenomenal. ..." - Christine Sanders   Read more
  • "The gesture method is so effective, it's almost unbelievable. I used to stagger in with a big bin of props after hours of prep, and stand on my head trying to keep the kids focused. This is quick and easy, and I'm very happy with the results thus far. ..." - Debbie Soroczan   Read more
  • "I surveyed my grade seven class about our year together in French. The results were extremely positive with most students saying they really appreciated the gestures and that they can speak and understand more French than ever before. It was really gratifying to read all their positiv..." - Mary Adams    Read more
  • "I taught using AIM during one of my practicums in a JK-8 core french classroom and absolutely fell in love with the program. Being a non-native speaker, I find using this program helps me out just as much as it helps the students. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful new a..." - Dianne Dachyshyn    Read more
  • "Parents were telling me that their children are practising the gestures at the dinner table, in the bathtub, in the car on the way home!!!! The parents are amazed at how "into it" the kids are. I'm especially pleased with my Special Ed. classes. They're working at the same level as al..." - Emma Tilbury   Read more
  • "In my ten years of teaching core French, this resource has provided my students with the greatest tool in accelerating their fluency in French. It is an authentic, communicative approach, where the learning of a second language is student-centered. I have found that my students who ar..." - Tracy Pike   Read more
  • "The AIM programme is the most comprehensive method of teaching French I have come across so far. I teach it in two separate schools in Dublin, Ireland. The principal in one school says it's the way forward for French in the school and has expanded the programme to other classes. The..." - Timothy Telford   Read more
  • "For me as a language teacher it is very gratifying to see my students gain functionality so quickly, and refine it so thoroughly over the years. For my students, the ability to function only in French in the classroom is the ultimate motivator, allowing them to fully enjoy the various..." - Erika Friesen   Read more
  • "C'est ma deuxième année d'enseignement avec AIM et j'ADORE cette méthode ! Les élèves ont tellement de succès avec ce programme. Ça me fait plaisir d'entendre les élèves communiquer exclusivement en français avec moi et leurs amis en classe...." - Elvera Reimer   Read more
  • "I've been teaching with AIM for the past SIX years and absolutely love it! The results are incredible and it makes my job rewarding and so fun! There is no way I'll ever go back to the old school approach! Great job, Wendy! ..." - Stephen Lai   Read more
  • "The AIM is the teaching programme we all wish we had thought of! It makes so much sense and is satisfying for both those who deliver it and the learners who embrace it with such enthusiasm. Thank you for creating a way of learning that is so successful. ..." - Joy Phillips   Read more
  • "The AIM approach to teaching French is one that helps all children become successful at learning a second language. I have watched our grade one students using the language after just ninety hours of instruction. And... most exciting, is that they absolutely love French class. ..." - Gail Ruddy, Head   Read more
  • "Coming from a background of 20 years in French Immersion schools in Montreal, I've never seen a core French program that produces fluency the way the AIM program does. All our students are thoroughly enjoying the AIM experience...." - Kathy Kealey, Assistant Head   Read more
  • "I would not teach French if I could not use the AIM...." - Curtis Krammer   Read more
  • "I have taught languages for years but no method I have ever used can compare with the AIM! The ingenious use of hand gestures for every word and the careful choice of high-frequency words embedded in the context of stories transfers spontaneously into everyday use. The language becom..." - Maryse West   Read more
  • "During parent teacher interviews last night, EVERY parent said that their children were using French at home, some were teaching it to younger and older siblings and EVERYONE said their child was loving French this year. I've never gotten this before and this is my 5th year teaching F..." - Tracy Power   Read more
  • "This is my first year using AIM and I love it...and more importantly, my students love it! Everyday I get bombarded by my students who rush up to me asking all kinds of questions in French because they are so excited to be able to speak French. My colleagues frequently tell me how the..." - Brighdin Murray   Read more
  • "I am thrilled with the success of this approach! I am using and will continue to use this approach and am grateful that someone like Wendy Maxwell has come along to change the future of French as a Second Language...." - Ruta Nausedas   Read more
  • "I am so excited about the AIM. I know that I enjoy teaching more now than ever before. You have helped me to reinvent myself as a teacher. It is an absolutely amazing approach to teaching French. Thank you so much!..." - Darlene Bond   Read more
  • "I have been most excited by the way in which they write the creative stories after working on a play. The quality is very high. The students’ knowledge, comfort and comprehension with the language they are using surpassed all my expectations. They are proud of themselves too! T..." - Jennifer de Boer   Read more
  • "I love the way I teach grammar now...not just teaching it in English in a boring way..but all in French. I love the sign for infinitif as well as the sign for feminin and masculin. The way the verbs are taught makes so much sense now both to me and the students. I use to teach in a ve..." - Stephanie Deroy   Read more
  • "As an AIM French Immersion teacher, my experience of the AIM program in the immersion environment has been nothing but positive. We are currently finishing our second play Comment y aller? and the students are still very much motivated to learn French. ..." - Stephanie Deroy   Read more
  • "I have been astounded by the rapid success of my students. Imagine a French second language program that works so well that relatively new language learners can express themselves in full sentences and understand and answer questions with complete thoughts! This program is the answer ..." - Barbara Ann Sargunaraj   Read more
  • "I couldn't be more amazed and thrilled with my students' success. Every day I go into work, I feel like I am making a difference. I feel so successful because finally my students feel successful. This is the best thing that has happened to me in my many years of teaching...." - Kerry Hooton   Read more
  • "If students could experience this type of learning success in every subject, we would bring education to an entirely different level for our kids! This is truly an incredible approach...." - Angelle Rickard   Read more
  • "My students just performed their teatro cafe this afternoon and it was just great. They danced, performed and did a rendition of what our class does, using TLSE (Teacher Led Self Expression). They had so much fun and it was such a great way to bond. Thank you so much for creating thi..." - Alexandra Simsilevich   Read more
  • "The first kit has really made a difference in my classroom and their confidence in Spanish is so great to see. I hear from parents all the time that they are even using it at home, which for middle level students in big to let their parents in on it! ..." - Sarah Sedlock   Read more
  • "I had a student last week that told me that I was an AMAZING teacher! She told me that she has been trying to learn Spanish since high school with no luck or enjoyment and that finally she is learning Spanish (and having fun)…even thinking in Spanish. And she thanked me!! I almos..." - Yohanna Jiménez, Adjunct Professor   Read more
  • "Using the AIM Spanish program has transformed my students into competent Spanish communicators at all levels in less than four months and has made my classroom into an exciting, motivating and fun environment. My relationship with my students has also undergone a positive transformat..." - Alexandra Simsilevich   Read more
  • "What amazes me is that we have all these universities and classroom teachers doing research all the time in the area of language acquisition. The research results are published in learned journals and teachers and materials developers read the results of the research. But then, it’s..." - Gary Carkin, Ph.D.   Read more
  • "AIM is, by far, the most comprehensive and effective approach to language teaching and learning being utilized in the world today. The results speak for themselves...." - Gary Carkin, Ph.D.   Read more
  • "The distance between the Accelerative Integrated Method and other methods of second language acquisition can be measured in light years. AIM is a rocket fueled by the linguistic and brain based research of the past twenty years. While other methodologies remain earth bound in the weig..." - Gary Carkin, Ph.D.   Read more
  • "The AIM is effective because it uses all human channels available to learn language: kinesthetic, oral, aural, visual, emotional. The result is holistic learning at its finest and the students feel the difference. They cry to start and cry when it’s over..." - Gary Carkin, Ph.D.   Read more
  • "When I happened across Wendy Maxwell’s paper summarizing her Master’s thesis at a conference several year’s ago, I said to myself, “If this woman can actually implement this, it’s going to be dynamite, because she has managed to integrate all the linguistic and brain-based r..." - Gary Carkin, Ph.D.   Read more
  • "This exciting program, with its extensive and creative use of story and drama, provides second language teachers with opportunities to both motivate and engage students. It offers educators authentic means for not only developing the fluency levels of their students beyond what has b..." - David Booth, Professor   Read more
  • "Up until now, there has always been a distinction between "school French" and real French. School French is almost always stilted, incomplete and definitely not genuinely communicative. The truth is that, given the way it is taught, it doesn't even qualify as a second language in most..." - Ted Spear, Ph.D.   Read more
  • "I have French immersion teachers in my board who say that they don’t know how they could have taught before they learned the AIM - they don’t know how they functioned without it! It is such and effective tool for engaging students in the language..." - Ann Marie Santoro   Read more
  • "I have to say that I've never been as inspired in my life as I was after attending AIM conference. It has turned my teaching 180 degrees. It is exactly like the lifestyle diet that you use after achieving a certain weight loss. Thanks again to you and all the presenters...." - Marie-Therese Yousef   Read more
  • "I just attended the 10th Annual AIM Summer Institute. It was incredible! This was the 4th time I have been to the Institute! The reason I return to the Institute and encourage others to go is because it is such a comprehensive, in-depth professional learning experience. Each time I at..." - Pauline Galea   Read more
  • "I am very impressed by Wendy Maxwell and her AIM method as well as with Sylvia Duckworth and her students. This is probably the best program I have ever known to create fluent speakers of French, which has been the goal ever since FSL was introduced in schools. I am extremely excited ..." - Nathalie Therrien   Read more
  • "I was skeptical at taking the on-line AIM teacher training as I have been using the program for 8 years and felt that I had a firm grasp on the philosophy. Was I ever wrong! After each module, and especially during the background section, I had aha moments that helped to deepen my und..." - Jennifer Jinks   Read more
  • "I loved the Online Teacher Training. It was excellent. I loved it. I was a classroom teacher and found the AIM and took the OTT and became a French teacher. I wouldn’t teach French any other way. I loved the modules. They allowed me to prepare on my own, try things out in the classr..." - Lori Carson-Loveless   Read more
  • "I spent some time last night looking at the first module (Pared down language) and watched the video with Wendy. It was so informative and I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the information provided. I want to go back and take some notes, so I'll be doing that before I mo..." - Pauline Galea   Read more
  • "I have fallen in LOVE with AIM! I absolutely love the method and the results were baffling to me! Along the way I had lost all my passion for teaching. It was a hard struggle to coop and I was just on the verge to quit! Then AIM came into my life and by doing the research it was a..." - Jannica Visser   Read more
  • "The enthusiasm of the students (5th graders) in learning Spanish with the AIM was very high. They looked forward to each session and were active participants due to the kinesthetic approach to acquire the vocabulary. In fact, they were able to speak in complete sentences from the star..." - Maryse West   Read more
  • "Parents were telling me that their children are practising the gestures at the dinner table, in the bathtub, in the car on the way home!!!! The parents are amazed at how "into it" the kids are. I'm especially pleased with my Special Ed classes. They're working at the same level as all..." - Angie Ng, Parent   Read more
  • "AIM-pupils in Holland best scoring at final exams: 6 years ago a handful of Dutch secondary schools started working with AIM. These schools would never have guessed the final exam results of their pupils were to be so high in 2013: At three totally different schools from all over th..." - Pauline Vis   Read more
  • "To my utter amazement, my son is flourishing in French in Ms. Duckworth's class where Wendy Maxwell's programme is taught. He loves French class and comes home talking to me in French. We are so pleased with his progress." - Darla A. Wilson, Parent, Toronto, ON ..." - Darla A. Wilson, Parent   Read more
  • "I am more than pleased and most surprised at the success and rapid learning that this program has provided to Robert's grasp of French. ..." - Sharon Fielding, Parent   Read more
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Products & Resources

In our teaching kits you will find everything you need to deliver our methodology to your students. AIM allows for flexibility, differentiation and customization. Your students will be reading, writing and speaking better and faster than ever before.

Each kit includes 50 hours of guided instructional material including a Teacher Guide, Blackline Masters, Big Book or overheads, PowerPoints™, student reference books, posters and image cards, Audio CD, CD-ROM and Student/Teacher DVDs.

AIM has developed the methodology and tools that will take your students to the highest levels of proficiency seen in under 100 hours!

Teacher Training

Whether you are a new AIM teacher looking for introductory Foundations Teacher Training, or an experienced practitioner interested in becoming a Certified AIM Teacher, AIM training helps you realize the full potential of the methodology by showing you how to use AIM teaching resources most effectively.

Designed to be practical and hands-on, AIM training will give you direct experience and guidance as you implement the methodology. Choose from our selection of training options, both online and in person, to become the best AIM teacher you can be and achieve the greatest results in your language classroom!

AIM Portal


AIM is fully embracing 21st century education: we are excited to be developing the AIM Portal which will give students a wide variety of digital tools to further augment their AIM language-learning experience. This great online resource will provide:

  • A dynamic and safe firewall-protected learning site
  • Access to a wide variety of games, activities and quizzes
  • A collaborative student space accessible worldwide
  • Great teacher assessment tools
  • Access to the digital content from our teaching kits

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